vendredi 1 août 2014

No stress...look

                                                   Re-bonjour les filles,

  Ça fait un bail que j'ai pas eu le temps de poster quelques chose sur mon blog et je m'excuse ;).
Aujourd'hui je vous invite à vous concentrer sur les moments qu'on apprécie beaucoup, c'est à dire les moments sans stress. Je sais que tout le monde passe trois quart de la vie à se faire de soucis pour tout et n'importe quoi, mais des fois il faut savoir respirer et se débarrasser au moins pour le prix de quelques minutes de toute l’énergie négative qu'on à accumulée et penser que les chose vont se mettre en place.    Alors...No stress. ;)

                                                                                     Gros bisous et et plein de bon énergie :*

                                                      Hello again girls,

    It's been a while since I have not had time to post something on my blog and I apologize ;).
Today I invite you to focus on the moments that we appreciate, the moments without stress.I know everyone spend three quarters of the life to be worried about everything and anything, but sometimes it is necessary to know how to breathe and get rid at least for the price of some minutes of any negative energy that we accumulated and believe that things will get better. So... no stress. ;)

                                                                                     Kisses and I send you a lot of possitive energy :*

                         Je portais : t-shirt(Bershka), patalon court/short pants(....), sandales(Besson).

13 commentaires:

  1. You look very relaxed indeed, love this chill look!


  2. Thank you for the positive energy :) and you are absolutely right...we need to breath more and try to calm down, especially when everything around us is hectic! You look very zen in these beautiful pictures of yourself...I love the sandals, the short pants and your hair! Big hugs and kisses

  3. oh hey sweetie!

    amazing post! i just found your bloG!
    you look that you are really into fashion!!
    I lvoe your sense of style!
    would you like to come by to my blog?

    Hope you will find it interesting!I would love to share your
    opinion with you! you are such an inspirational fashion blogger!


  4. And more positive energy to you as well! :)
    You look so cute, love the look!

  5. I agree with you... Sometimes we're running in the fastest lane that we forgot to live our lives, appreciating little things without the stress and worries ahead. ;) I have a new post you might want to visit sometime... ;) or d you mind following each other via Gfc /of any other social medias? let me know if you just like, i'll definitely follow back. ;)

    Cassie Thriftier

  6. No worries, be Happy ♡ You look Adorable Roxie!

    Kisses, Cheraine from CHANEXT

  7. Love it, sweetie ^_^